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We work to comply in according to the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the HK SAR, to set procedures and to ensure good practices on the acquisition, collection, recording, storage, disclosure, correction, transferring, security, erasure and communication of personal data kept by us. The implementation of policy on personal data is carried out in every means including the Internet, branch, telephone and others, and we ensure all the customer information is handled properly according to the policy.


  • Customers' personal data is kept confidential at all time.

  • With the exception to the members within FIT LAB Hong Kong Limited, we will not sell, share or lease the customers' personal data to other companies. With the exception by laws or the prior authorization by the customer , we will not provide information to other organizations.

  • We may provide customers' personal data to companies that are within the group or having business and operation with us.

  • We only collect customers' information as little as possible, such information is restricted to business purpose, so that we can provide excellent customer service including the introduction of our products and services to customers.

  • Customer can inquire and change their personal data held by us. The personal data is inquired and changed according to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance regulations.


Furthermore, we promise to keep confidential to customers' information as third party service provider, so that we could introduce our products and services. If the customer does not want to receive the promotional materials that are not relating to existing services, we will then follow their will to do so. Customer who wish to stop receiving the above-mentioned information, please kindly email to : info@fitlabhk.com